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Should I ask my child about visitation issues?

Unless there are allegations of abuse of any kind—physical, emotional or sexual—parents should not bring a child into the decision-making process that comes with divorce and child custody. The Tennessee Bar Association emphasizes this stance in its September Journal, making the point that visitation is an adult issue brought on by an adult problem that also requires an adult solution. Despite what some parents may feel is an attempt to be fair to the child by allowing them input, it is anything but fair.

Explaining child custody to the whole family

Nashville families going through divorce know all too well that the process usually makes little sense to younger ears. Those with children have the additional task of not only making new living arrangements, but explaining the entire situation in a way that is easy for young audiences to understand. After parents have navigated the process on their own, they can look toward a number of strategies when informing children of a new life chapter.

3 Tips on Navigating a Child Custody Hearing

If you’re facing a divorce in Nashville, you’re probably concerned about the upcoming child custody hearing. The process can be intimidating for many parents, especially when considering just what is at stake. If you are unaware just how child custody is determined in the court, offers some essential advice to help parents properly prepare for their day in court.

Parental child abduction, explained

The very nature of divorce, in most cases, involves disagreement on some level. It is for this reason that a large majority of divorcing Tennesseans find difficulty determining child custody arrangements after separation. When worse comes to worst and arrangements do not go according to plan, there is one factor in the equation that stands above the rest: the child's safety. 

Can a family court decide whether your kid should play football?

While many people in Tennessee couldn't live without football, the sport is becoming more controversial. Studies of the brains of NFL players and other contact sportsmen have found that repeated concussions may cause a serious, lifelong brain injury called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. And, kids who play tackle football before age 12 could be especially at risk.

Focus on your children when battling custody issues

Child custody issues are a huge factor for parents. In some cases, one parent is going to use the child custody matters against the other parent. This is a shame when it happens, but preparing yourself for the proceedings might help you to come up with a plan for handling the "worst case scenario."

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