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When Should You Create A Will?

You have worked hard to earn your assets, and you may manage an inherited familial legacy. You deserve to choose how these assets will be taken care of in the event of death. A carefully constructed will allows you to name individual heirs, gift assets to charities or other identified groups, name a trusted executor and protect your family’s future. A well-executed will provides you with peace of mind that your final wishes will be honored.

If you need to create or modify a will, call our meticulous lawyers at 615-320-0600, or toll free at 888-521-9952. We will carefully analyze all aspects of your estate and develop a personalized plan that is right for you.

Protecting Your Family Legacy

If you die without a will in Tennessee, the state assumes the responsibility of distributing your assets based off of Tennessee’s intestacy laws. These laws bestow your assets to your spouse or children. If you do not have immediate family members, your assets will be passed onto increasingly distant relations. If you have no living family members, the state keeps your assets.

Once you establish a will, you can rest assured that your property will pass to the individual or organization that you desire. You choose how to secure your family legacy, and where you want your rightful assets to go.

Wills need to be evaluated and revised on a regular basis. If you experience substantial changes in assets, or your family structure changes due to divorce, marriage, birth or adoption, you need to revise your will to incorporate these alterations.

Meticulous Probate Execution

After losing a loved-one, probate can be an overwhelming burden. While not difficult, it consists of a number of detailed processes that require methodical completion. Our attorneys can skillfully complete this process on your behalf so that you can focus on your family.

Contact our Detail-Oriented Attorneys

If you are considering a will, or need to update an existing will, contact our detail-oriented attorneys for the counsel you require. We have offices in Nashville and Franklin. Call today at 615-320-0600, or toll free at 888-521-9952. You may also email our legal team.