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Why Choose Legal Separation Over Divorce?

Under a variety of circumstances, and sometimes for very important reasons, some couples in Tennessee choose to remain married but live apart. Filing for a legal separation may be the right choice if you want clear, legally enforceable arrangements in place but do not wish to proceed with divorce at this time.

If you are considering a legal separation, or divorce, call our compassionate attorneys at 888-521-9952.

Do You Want a Formal Split Without Finalizing Your Divorce?

At Rogers, Shea & Spanos, we know that any marital breakup is emotionally draining. The many decisions you must make about how to proceed and how firmly to stand your ground are intimidating. If you have questions about legal separation, we will patiently spell out what is involved and assess whether it may best address your needs. Key considerations include:

  • You must cite grounds for separation, and your legal separation agreement must address essentially all the same issues as a Tennessee marital dissolution agreement, including child custody and visitation, property division and alimony/rehabilitation if applicable.
  • Once two years have passed from the date of your legal separation — not your actual, physical separation — either party can seek a divorce without trial or any additional “cooling off” period. This step can often be completed relatively quickly and efficiently.
  • Choosing legal separation rather than divorce does not guarantee an easier, smoother road to resolution. We can represent you in contested hearings to ensure that your important financial and personal interests are protected. No one should try to navigate this process without advice from a qualified, highly engaged family law attorney.

Contact Us For Balanced, Reliable Guidance

At our firm, you will meet directly with a lawyer ready to hear you out on the complex issues and dilemmas you face. Legal separation may be the best choice if, for example, both spouses agree that maintaining health insurance coverage through one spouse is essential. In other cases, hope for reconciliation in the future may drive this decision.

We will help you weigh advantages and risks from all angles, and we will make achieving the best possible results for you our mission whether you ultimately choose legal separation or divorce. To schedule a discreet consultation with a caring, experienced attorney in Nashville or Franklin, Tennessee, call 888-521-9952 or contact us online.