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How Can Social Media Hurt Your Family Law Case?

You have probably heard that posting questionable content on social media can negatively impact your career, but were you aware that it can also affect your family law case? When you are considering a divorce, or are in the middle of a child custody dispute, you need to be especially vigilant about what you post on your social media accounts.

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How Social Media Can Impact Your Case

Social media is an accepted part of everyday life. Many people post comments or pictures without considering their potential consequences. The following types of posts, either by you or your spouse, may impact your case outcome:

  • Pictures of partying – Images that show overindulging in alcohol or other substances may be utilized to question an individual’s parenting abilities
  • Displays of wealth – Pictures of expensive vacations, new boats, cars or other luxury items may indicate hidden assets during divorce
  • Posting about a new job – Discussing a promotion or bonus could lead to requested medications of spousal or child support payments
  • Insulting the other spouse – A judge can use this as proof of parental hostility when determining child custody and visitation

Tips For Success

Before you publically post something on social media, pause and consider how the opposing party may interpret its content. If it could be used to question your integrity or honesty, refrain from posting.

If you believe that your spouse is hiding assets, or otherwise lying during your family law case, you can monitor their social media accounts to uncover evidence to corroborate your suspicions.

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