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Addressing The Unique Challenges Of Late-Life Divorce

The rate of late-life divorces is increasing. As life expectancies rise, the number of divorcing couples over the age of 50 or divorce after 60 is also growing. While divorce is emotionally difficult and economically taxing at any age, established couples face additional unique challenges, such as protecting their financial independence into retirement. Rogers, Shea & Spanos understands how to navigate these difficulties, and our attorneys will defend your financial future. We are skilled negotiators and most of our cases settle with good results without needing to go to trial.

If you are considering late-life divorce, call our experienced Tennessee legal team for the responsive counsel that you deserve. Call our offices at 888-521-9952.

Defending Your Retirement Account

One of the most serious concerns of older divorcing couples is maintaining the integrity of their retirement accounts. You and your spouse have saved with the anticipation of remaining together into retirement. Now that your plans have altered, your account will be divided, threatening your planned financial security.

Our experienced lawyers understand the economic concerns of a senior divorce and how to strategically divide retirement accounts to preserve your assets. We will carefully evaluate your circumstances and create a fair division plan.

In addition to our family law experience, we are tactical estate planners. After your divorce, we can strategically develop a new estate plan to address your new financial needs and secure your assets.

Comprehensive Guidance Through Divorce

We provide personalized guidance to help you meet your divorce goals. Experienced in high-asset divorce and complex property division, our attorneys are well equipped to navigate the intricacies of your case and to develop innovative case strategies that protect your interests.

We have over 30 years of experience as trial lawyers, and two of our attorneys are Rule 31 Certified Mediators. We selectively adjust our strategy to powerfully assist you through:

Contact Our Firm For Experienced Counsel

If you are considering late-life divorce, our experienced team can provide you with the legal assistance that you require. Call our Nashville or Franklin offices at 888-521-9952. You may also contact our firm online.