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Defending Your Rights In High-Conflict Divorce

The law firm of Rogers, Shea & Spanos welcomes challenging divorce and child custody cases that defy an easy, amicable resolution. We are prepared to go to battle in full-fledged litigation, but clients are often pleasantly surprised when we find an out-of-court solution where a peaceful ending seemed unlikely.

Our team of experienced divorce lawyers is committed to resolving sticky issues with the least strain on our clients. We represent men and women in Nashville and surrounding counties of Middle Tennessee. Our client base includes business owners, professionals, executives, entertainers and other high earners, or the lesser-earning spouse who is at a disadvantage in complex divorce and property division.

If you have reached an impasse or foresee a high-conflict divorce, call 888-521-9952 to schedule a private appointment at our offices in the historic Wind in the Willows Mansion on Nashville’s State Street.

High-Conflict Divorce or Custody

Examples of the difficult cases we routinely handle:

  • Valuation of closely held businesses
  • Large numbers of assets requiring analysis and classification — One client was a developer with 110 pieces of real estate and six different business entities.
  • Asset searches — The other spouse has hidden, transferred or sheltered property in anticipation of divorce.
  • Dissipation — We can trace marital wealth wasted on affairs, gambling or other vices.
  • Substantial marital debts and liabilities — These are often more bitterly contested than multimillion-dollar estates with lots of wealth to go around.
  • Battles for primary custody or sole custody alleging the other parent is unfit
  • Interstate custody disputes and parental relocation
  • Litigation of prenuptial agreements
  • A “control freak” spouse or co-parent who is bent on derailing, extending or manipulating the legal process at any cost to you or your children

High-conflict divorce can refer to the heavy emotional investment, tangled financial issues, legal ambiguities, the other party’s dirty tricks, or any combination. We work hard to reduce these to legal issues and possible solutions. Helen Rogers is a Rule 31 divorce mediator in Tennessee family law. She and her partners, Larry Kamm and Siew-Ling Shea, are committed to protecting your interests while moving the process forward in negotiation, mediation or litigation.

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