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Experienced Advocacy Through High-Asset Divorce

Divorce almost always marks a major financial transition as well as a personal one. If you have earned and saved significant wealth during your marriage — or provided invaluable support for a high-earning spouse through the years — your choice of a family law firm is especially important.

High-asset divorce cases and complex property division are areas of primary focus at Rogers, Shea & Spanos, a firm with offices in Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee. Led by founding attorney and Helen Sfikas Rogers, our legal team has effectively represented numerous clients in cases with millions of dollars, or tens of millions, in assets on the line. Our firm is well-established as a go-to resource for business owners, licensed professionals, executives, successful musicians and songwriters and their spouses when divorce is necessary.

Call 888-521-9952 for experienced guidance through your high-asset divorce.

Skilled Protection Through Your Financially Pivotal Divorce

Our skilled, innovative attorneys consistently seek amicable resolution when it is within reach, but we are impeccably equipped to battle for your interests in court. We are adept at exposing economic realities and compelling full financial disclosure for defense and assertion of our clients’ interests. Our firm’s specific strengths for high-net-worth divorce clients include:

  • Ready access to qualified experts in business valuation and appraisal of other complex assets such as real estate, investments and special collections of art, musical instruments, memorabilia and more
  • Proven ability to structure and propose equitable compromises — such as lump-sum settlements in lieu of periodic alimony, settlements that preserve control and viability of a closely held company or professional practice, and more
  • Skill in leading investigations to locate concealed assets or substantiate your claims that marital assets have been squandered or large debts have been incurred by your spouse
  • Extensive experience defending or challenging prenuptial agreements
  • Absolute willingness to take your divorce the distance through trial in order to secure the best possible outcome for your financial future

Unfortunately, the more you have, the more you may need to battle over. Our lawyers take great care to advise each client on likely outcomes, risks and paths to resolution short of full-blown litigation, including mediation of contested property issues. We settle approximately 80 percent of our cases.

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