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Sophisticated Analysis Of Businesses In Divorce

The law firm of Rogers, Shea & Spanos is recognized through Middle Tennessee for its authority in the evaluation of businesses as an asset in divorce. We have extensive experience in this complex financial analysis, and in forging resolutions once an accurate value is determined.

We regularly represent owners of closely held businesses or their spouses. Led by renowned divorce lawyer Helen Sfikas Rogers, our legal team has handled the most complex business valuation cases in Nashville and surrounding counties.

We have evaluated small and mid-sized companies, professional practices and law firms, real estate and development entities, entertainment groups, and other businesses and partnerships in Middle Tennessee. Call 888-521-9952 to arrange an appointment today.

Strategic Business Valuation

One key to accurate evaluation is choosing the proper method. For a publicly traded corporation, we typically use a market approach. For privately held businesses, we might use the net asset and book method, or an income and asset capitalization approach.

Rogers, Shea & Spanos works closely with established, credible business appraisers to determine fair market value by evaluating the worth of accounts receivable, real property and the goodwill of the entity, against liabilities, liquidity of interest, and long-term profitability.

In representing owners, partners and investors, we work to ensure that the divorce does not negatively impact the business. In representing spouses who are entitled to a share of the business interest, we are vigilant for ways in which the owner may have tried to artificially reduce the value.

Helen Rogers has practiced for over 30 years, and has the solid foundation for business valuation from her undergraduate business degree and her prior work for a corporate tax law firm. She knows how to read a balance sheet and read between the lines in representing her clients. Partners Larry Kamm and Siew-Ling Shea have strong backgrounds in business, accounting and complex litigation.

We also provide divorce planning for business owners in advance of filing for dissolution, to ensure proper evaluation, protection of assets and the smoothest transition possible.

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