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Assisting The Victims Of Paternity Fraud

As part of our extensive family law practice, our attorneys at Rogers, Shea & Spanos are advocates for fathers’ rights and handle paternity fraud cases in Nashville, Tennessee, and surrounding counties. We strive to help clients stand up for their rights in all types of family law matters that they may be facing.

If you suspect paternity fraud, call our experienced attorneys at 888-521-9952 to defend your rights.

Protecting Fathers’ Rights

In many family law cases, it is assumed that the mother has all of the power. Traditionally, children are often placed with the mother in custody cases and child support is paid to the mother. However, the general feelings in the legal community are shifting toward equality for both fathers and mothers. We at Rogers, Shea & Spanos are aggressive in our defense of fathers’ rights, working on behalf of fathers to see that they get the time with their children and are able to exercise their rights. Our firm believes that fathers should be active parents and participants, not visitors in their children’s lives.

Investigating Paternity Fraud

In addition to handling fathers’ rights and parentage cases, our firm also represents clients in paternity fraud cases. These are situations where a mother has lied to the father about whether or not a child in question is actually his. This can potentially result in the father paying child support for years for a child that may not be his child.

Many paternity fraud cases arise from rumors that a father may overhear. Other fathers may realize that as the child ages, he or she exhibits traits that do not look like the father. We can take information from the father and investigate the matter in order to determine the truth of the matter. Our lawyers can move forward with paternity testing and compel the mother to produce the child for testing.

Once DNA testing has been completed and results have been established showing that the man is indeed not the father of the child, we can work to recover all damages and financial loss due to the fraud that the mother committed.

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