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Upholding Grandparents’ Rights

Grandmothers and grandfathers are an irreplaceable source of love, comfort and stability for many children. Unfortunately, these important family relationships are not always properly valued. Upheaval and conflict in the child’s immediate family, the untimely death of one parent or a vast range of other circumstances can lead to grandparents’ being “cut off” at the expense of kids’ overall well-being.

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Clear, Reliable Guidance for Grandparents Seeking Visitation

Can you go to court to request reasonable visits with a grandchild or multiple grandchildren? Under Tennessee laws, which have evolved substantially in recent decades, the answer may be yes — or it may be no. At Rogers, Shea & Spanos, you can pose this question to lawyers who have helped shape laws governing family rights by earning landmark decisions in our state’s highest courts.

An attorney at our firm will take the time to understand the circumstances that created your heart-wrenching dilemma. We know which facts matter and how specific Middle Tennessee courts have ruled on complex grandparents’ rights cases in the past. Key basic considerations include:

  • If your grandchildren’s parents are still married, have had continuous custody of the children and are considered fit to parent, the court is not empowered to grant visitation rights to anyone, including grandparents, against their will.
  • Successful actions to compel grandparent visitation most often arise in the aftermath of divorce, when a parent has passed away or abandoned the family, or in situations where grandparents have stepped in to provide full-time care for a year or longer at some point.
  • Custody of grandchildren may be worth pursuing if, for example, the parents have been found responsible for neglect or abuse.

We Encourage Negotiation and Prepare for Litigation if Needed

Legal action within families is always sensitive, and there are always possible negative repercussions to take into account. We can advise and assist you if you wish to try negotiating directly with parents for reasonable visitation. Although litigation may be a last resort, we will take your valid claim into a court hearing and present the strongest possible case for you.

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