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Balanced, Effective Fathers’ Rights Guidance

We do not operate a “fathers’ rights law firm” in the sense that this is a marketing niche, branding effort or exclusive focus. However, decades of experience have demonstrated to us that dads often need clear guidance and strong advocacy to maximize time with and influence over their children. The majority of children need two active, supportive parents in their lives. At Rogers, Shea & Spanos, we work skillfully and rigorously to help make that happen.

You will be treated with respect and understanding at our welcoming offices in midtown Nashville and Franklin. Attorney Helen Sfikas Rogers is often selected by people involved in high-profile, high-asset divorce cases, including those in which child custody and visitation are intensely disputed. Our entire legal team is dedicated to going the distance for men unwilling to settle for “secondary parent” status. Call 888-521-9952 to discuss your rights as a father with our skilled attorneys.

Strategic Counsel for Men in Divorce · Comprehensive Paternity Representation

Our Middle Tennessee family lawyers’ knowledge and experience covers the spectrum of:

  • Working to ensure that child support and any alimony orders are fair to our client and reflective of how parenting time is divided
  • Creating and proposing carefully structured parenting plans that accommodate fathers’ schedules and provide balance in children’s lives
  • Advocating for men when paternity claims arise, in order to get definitive answers and stake a claim to involvement with the child — or to expose and defend against paternity fraud

Please do not rely on friends or family members for advice on what custody and visitation orders you can realistically expect to obtain. Many fathers have choices other than seeing kids only on alternate weekends, a weeknight or two and an occasional holiday. In some cases, we determine that primary or joint custody is worth targeting.

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In some ways and in some courts, men must still swim against a strong current to get fair treatment as full-fledged parents. The law firm you choose to represent you could well make all the difference in your life as a dad going forward. To meet with a lawyer who will assess your case honestly and explain your options in forthright language, call 888-521-9952 or send an email inquiry now.