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Compassionate Child Dependency And Neglect Guidance

The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services (DCS) is the agency charged with investigating reports of child neglect or abuse, as well as with administering key aspects of our state’s foster care and juvenile justice systems. A call or visit to your home as part of a DCS investigation is a matter you must take very seriously. Whether or not you believe you have ever been abusive or neglectful of your children, the risk of having them removed from your home is all too real.

If you are visited by DCS, call our experienced attorneys at 888-521-9952 for assistance.

Proven, Action-Oriented Attorneys Focused On Keeping Your Family Together

At Rogers, Shea & Spanos, our attorneys know from decades of experience that virtually any parent or couple can be accused of child abuse or neglect — regardless of wealth, social status and other traits. We also know how to intervene in these complex situations, get at the root of any problem and recommend solutions that protect your parental rights and your kids’ well-being.

By the letter of the law in Tennessee, anyone who suspects child neglect or abuse is required to report it. This means anyone your children encountered may have reported you: a teacher, doctor, neighbor or family member, for example. We stand ready to prioritize your case, emphasizing:

  • Thorough assessment of your situation, including any DCS reports or scheduled visits and what you know at this point about specific allegations against you or another family member
  • Constant recognition that losing control over what happens to your children is an unthinkable, overwhelmingly traumatic outcome
  • Consideration of whether you may have been accused mistakenly or reported by someone with questionable motivations regarding you and your family
  • Recommendation of voluntary measures you can take if aspects of the case against you are valid, such as entering treatment for substance abuse or anger management

Contact Our Caring Attorneys For Assistance

Child dependency and neglect proceedings can lead to temporary removal of children from your home or even termination of your parental rights as a father or mother. Criminal charges are also filed in some cases. As soon as possible, you need to consult a lawyer who knows the systems and procedures. We are here to expose facts and promote positive outcomes, not to pass judgment. To request a consultation directly with a caring, knowledgeable attorney in Nashville or Franklin, simply call 888-521-9952 or email our firm now.