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Asserting Your Need For Custody Changes

One certainty in the years following divorce or resolution of a paternity case is that circumstances will change for both parents and children. Some changes are financial in nature, calling for either a reduction or increase in support. Other problems are more challenging to assess and resolve — such as a custodial parent’s refusal to abide by the visitation schedule or the belief that children are not receiving proper care and supervision.

No parent should accept obstruction of his or her rights regarding children. Defiance of court orders and refusal to adjust schedules within reason call for prompt action — but what is the right action to take?

At the Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee, law firm of Rogers, Shea & Spanos, an experienced attorney will analyze your case, explain viable options and gauge your likelihood of success. Call 888-521-9952 to schedule an appointment with our caring attorneys.

What Changes Are Needed to Protect Your Children and Your Time With Them?

When parents cannot resolve serious disputes over children’s upbringing and welfare amicably on their own, we step in with measured, reliable legal guidance. Points to consider include:

  • Seeking a change of custody (a court-ordered custody modification) is almost always a time-consuming and hard-fought endeavor. To succeed, we must typically present strong evidence that children are suffering or at risk.
  • Many disputes over visitation time and children’s evolving needs can be best resolved by re-structuring the parenting plan in a way that works for both parents. For example, either parent’s new work and travel demands may necessitate this type of modification.

Our team of lawyers is committed to finding the most practical, affordable ways to restore calm and order for divided families. If you adamantly believe that modifying child custody is the only acceptable answer, we have the knowledge and experience to fight for that outcome. More often, we can propose specific changes to the parenting plan and get new orders formalized and made enforceable.

Call Us For Counsel You Can Trust

Are you being denied visitation? Have you learned of your ex-spouse’s plan to relocate with your children? Perhaps custody and visitation orders entered several years ago no longer reflect your life demands, and it is essential to solidify your legal rights. In any such situation, turn to us at Rogers, Shea & Spanos for focused attention and trustworthy legal advice. Call our offices at call 888-521-9952, or contact us online.