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Can I oppose my prenup in court?

Is it possible for you to argue against a prenuptial agreement in court? The short answer: yes. The longer answer is that your opposition to your contract should be based on certain foundations if you want a court to take it seriously. As per FindLaw, here are some of...

Benefit of prenuptial agreements

To many people in Tennessee, the thought of asking a partner to sign a prenuptial agreement might sound like the antithesis of romantic and contrary to what a couple in love planning their future together should be doing. However, marriage is as much a business...

Prenups are a good investment

If there is one takeaway from the Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos divorce, it's this — sign the prenup. Although the wealthiest couple in the world live in a community property state, at least one website is reporting that the two never signed a prenuptial agreement. This...

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