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How to cope with a recent divorce

Divorce is a common phenomenon in the United States. In fact, Tennessee alone has one of the highest divorce rates in the country, particularly in Scott County at 3.2 per 1000 individuals.  For most people, divorce is a heavy burden to carry. If you recently went...

Prenuptial agreements

Your fiancé just asked for a prenup: Now what? You’re in love, and ready to be married – but your fiancé just announced they want to get a prenup. Is the romance over before the marriage even starts? Does this show that your future spouse isn’t really committed? How...

Can you have a healthy divorce?

When your family experiences abrupt or unexpected changes, it can be challenging for everyone involved to learn how to cope. This might be particularly true if you’ve decided you’d rather go your separate ways than stay in an unhappy marriage. If divorce is on the...

Handling debt in a Tennessee divorce

It’s common for divorcing couples to struggle with property division. The family home, savings accounts and business ownership can come under fire. Marital debt can, as well. Before establishing settlement terms, you’ll need to know the full extent of all that’s at...

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