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March 2019 Archives

Managing your debt during a divorce

For a couple who makes the tough choice to end their marriage in Tennessee, the thought of splitting up their assets can be challenging. While choosing what assets to give up is a hard thing to do, spouses should also pay close attention to the fact that they must split up their debts as well. In some cases, how debts are assigned may factor into what assets are kept by either spouse or even sold.

How are prenuptial and postnuptial agreements different?

It is often difficult for couples in Tennessee to discuss the topic of a prenuptial agreement before they get married. Even if you and/or your spouse thought it was a good idea, you may have worried about how the other person would react when you brought it up or had concerns that it may endanger the relationship. Needless to say, the window of opportunity to enter into a prenuptial agreement closes at the end of the wedding ceremony. However, if you still think that you and your spouse could benefit by setting parameters for the division of property in the event of a divorce, you have the option of creating a postnuptial agreement.

What are the benefits of joint-custody?

There is no question that going through a divorce can be an extremely emotional process, especially when there are children are involved. It is difficult to separate a family, divide property and create a successful parenting plan. In a number of cases, children are placed in the sole-custody of one parent, while the other parent is given visitation rights. However, studies show the ways in which children may benefit when raised in a joint-custody arrangement.

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