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Handling debt in a Tennessee divorce

It’s common for divorcing couples to struggle with property division. The family home, savings accounts and business ownership can come under fire. Marital debt can, as well. Before establishing settlement terms, you’ll need to know the full extent of all that’s at...

Can long-distance co-parenting work?

Divorced parents typically struggle to arrange a parenting schedule that’s best for their children. Determining a plan that co-parents can juggle makes matters even more difficult. You might think living near each other is the only way to share the responsibilities of...

When does spousal support factor in?

Suppose your spouse was the main breadwinner in your family. In that case, you might believe you deserve to receive alimony, or spousal support, once your marriage ends. Although that may be true, your circumstances determine how any payments will factor into the...

Three elements of a basic estate plan

Many people think that, for whatever reason, creating an estate plan can wait. You’re likely doing yourself and your loved a disservice by subscribing to that belief. If you haven’t gotten your future charted out due to fear that it may take too much time or money, a...

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