Working Out the Knots of Divorce and Custody

Third-Party Mediation Services • Representing Parties in Mediation

When a judge makes the decisions, both parties tend to be dissatisfied with the ruling or one party is really unhappy. In mediation, you have a say in the outcome. Neither of you comes away with everything you wanted, but both of you can live with it.

Helen Sfikas Rogers is highly sought across Middle Tennessee for her ability to resolve sticky custody disputes or complex property division through mediation. She is a Rule 31 qualified family mediator, and brings 30 years of knowledge and trial experience to these thorny issues. Both Ms. Rogers and attorney Siew-Ling Shea also have completed extensive collaborative law training.

The law firm of Rogers, Kamm & Shea serves women and men in Nashville and surrounding counties of Tennessee. Our attorneys can serve as neutral mediators, or represent your interests as lawyers if you are entering mediation. Contact us today to discuss mediating your divorce or child custody dispute.

Solutions Through Mediation

Mediation has numerous advantages over litigation. It's typically quicker and less expensive. Ex-spouses and co-parents are more likely to abide by a mediated settlement than a court order. There is less animosity and less strain on the children. And perhaps most importantly, you have control over the result.

As a third-party mediator, Helen Rogers gets results in 90 percent her cases. As an attorney in divorce mediation, her clients reach agreement at least 80 percent of the time. (These figures would be even higher, but Rogers, Kamm & Shea commonly gets referrals of the most complex, bitter and difficult disputes — victims of our own reputation for success!)

Mediation is required in contested child custody. Ms. Rogers is adept at making the most of this mandate by resolving parenting disputes without court intervention.

One of Many Success Stories
We counseled a wife who ran the office and business end of her husband's professional practice for years before the divorce. Though we established that he would spend $90,000 a year to replace her services, she lacked the credentials to command such a salary in the outside world. After talking out this dilemma in mediation, she was amenable to staying on as her ex's business manager, with a salary, benefits and retirement plan. The agreement stipulated that if he ever terminated her employment, she would receive alimony.

Mediation takes patience, creativity, knowledge of complex financial issues, and an understanding of how a judge would rule in contested proceedings. We are confident we can separate out the legal issues from the emotional attachments to forge a solution.

Benefits Of Mediation and What Mediation Can Do For You

Check out Ms. Siew-Ling Shea's video performance - 2nd place winner of the 2011 American Bar Association Mediation Video Contest on YouTube.

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