Protection of LGBT Individuals' Family and Parental Rights

As of early 2015, same-sex couples cannot lawfully marry — or divorce — in Tennessee. As a result, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents of our state must identify alternate means of protecting themselves financially in committed relationships, designating their partners to make critical health care decisions and accomplishing other key objectives.

At the law firm of Rogers, Kamm & Shea, we welcome the opportunity to meet you and address your important legal concerns, regardless of your sexual orientation. We will focus on resolving any immediate problems and help you gain peace of mind about the future. We maintain conveniently located, comfortable offices in midtown Nashville and in Franklin.

Partnership Agreements and Dissolution · Adoption, Parenting Issues And Same-Sex Domestic Disputes

Many same-sex couples and other "nontraditional" couples recognize the need for a contract that will establish how shared and commingled property will be divided if they break up. Further, it would be difficult to overstate how important it is to have a solid, up-to-date estate plan if you have a life partner but cannot, or choose not to, marry. Our attorneys offer services that include:

  • Drafting a domestic partnership agreement or other suitable contract to govern property division if you later decide to end the partnership
  • Completing a legally sound dissolution of your partnership, enabling you to move forward without worrying about possible litigation
  • Assisting you with all aspects of adoption
  • Guiding and representing you in any action necessary to establish visitation of children you have parented together
  • Developing estate planning documents that effectively address your specific concerns, such as ensuring that your partner is legally empowered to act as your health care surrogate and make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so

Turn to Our Experienced, Approachable Attorneys for Sound Counsel

Although LGBT rights in Tennessee have not progressed to the point that many hope they ultimately will, you do have options for protecting your property and parental rights. For a consultation focused squarely on your needs and practical solutions, call 888-521-9952 or email our legal team now.